Marv WolfmanVeteran comic writer Marv Wolfman just wants to enjoy comic cons like everyone else. Known for his work on Teen Titans and Tomb of Dracula, he’s also the man behind iconic characters such as Blade, Bullseye, and Nova. He and frequent collaborator artist George Perez are also credited with adding Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg to the New Teen Titans lineup.
So what does a legendary comic creator prefer to do when he attends comic cons?
“All I’m planning is to have a good time. No big announcements… at least as of this moment,” Wolfman said about his upcoming appearance at East Coast Comicon in New Jersey. “I had a really good time the last time I was a guest at the con. Also, I get a chance to reconnect with a good number of east coast friends that I rarely see at other cons.”
The writer explained that he doesn’t like to spend his whole time in just one spot, and prefers to mix up being on the show floor with being on panels. He also encourages fans to feel free to chat with him.
“A lot of fans are shy about coming up and talking to me at my table, but they don’t have a problem at a panel. So I like to do both. I love to talk to the fans so please feel free to chat.”
For followers of Wolfman’s work, catch him all three days at East Coast Comicon in Secaucus, NJ on May 17-19. Besides appearing at his table, he will also join George Perez on Friday evening for a panel about their longtime working partnership. To purchase tickets for the show, click here.


  1. Please don’t call this an interview. “How has your day been?” “Fine.” Boom! Interview. Marv Wolfman is one of my favorite creators and my eyes certainly brightened when I saw the headline. But, alas, it was not to be. You did get to talk with him though. That must have been cool.

  2. I think this, and the “Will Cap Chase Loki?” article, fall into the category of clickbait. Which is not something I associate with The Beat — and one of the reasons I visit this site daily.
    I hope there hasn’t been a shift in the site’s editorial policy, or some sort of plan to bring in higher readership numbers.
    We shall see.

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