Jupiter’s Legacy is out now on Netflix and The Beat was on hand to talk to the leader of the code, Josh Duhamel about his role as “Sheldon Sampson” AKA “The Utopian” and his journey in season one. 

Sheldon experiences extreme loss and tragedy in 1929, which transforms not only physically but emotionally and informs the father, husband, and superhero that he becomes. Throughout the season, we see the impact of how Sheldon’s complicated past further complicates his present, particularly when it comes to his personal and professional relationships with his adult children, Brandon (Andrew Horton) and Chloe (Elena Kampouris).

Watch our exclusive chat with Josh Duhamel about how Sheldon’s past informs his future and what working on this show taught him about fatherhood in his own life and more! 

Jupiter’s Legacy is streaming now only on Netflix!