Disney’s Gargoyles is set to make a comeback this December thanks to Dynamite and series creator Greg Weisman (Gargoyles/Young Justice). With George Kambadais on art, the story will be in continuity with the beloved television show from the 1990s. 


Weisman and Kambadais chatted with The Beat to discuss what old and new fans can expect from this new incarnation of the Defenders of the Night. 

Deanna Destito: What has been your favorite part about resurrecting Gargoyles?

Greg Weisman: Really, just the chance to tell more stories set in the Gargoyles Universe.  I’ve never stopped coming up with ideas for it, but I’ve missed telling these stories to an audience.

George Kambadais: I feel that by now I have said that I’m a huge Gargoyles fan to practically every sentient being on this planet… thus you have to understand that my favorite part about resurrecting Gargoyles is that I am a small part of this saga that I have loved since childhood. But on a more serious note working with these amazing people and reaching out to so many fans would be an honor under any circumstance!


Destito: What will old and new fans enjoy about this incarnation?

Weisman: Hopefully, old fans will love seeing what happens next to these characters.  And hopefully, new fans will get hooked on the series for the same reasons that our original fans did, that is for strong stories about well-developed characters. The concept of medieval Gargoyles living in Manhattan is just as bizarre – and yet relevant now – as it was when the series premiered in 1994.

Destito: The show was always so complex and exciting, for both kids and adults. How do you find that balance when creating something like this?

Weisman: Then and now, we always tried to create the story in layers.  Lots of great eye candy (Monster Heroes, Big Science Fiction, and Fantasy concepts) and realistic characterization (humor and romance, high drama and slapstick – and everything in between.)


Destito: How has it been working with this creative team?

 Weisman: Nate [Cosby] has made my life easy on this project, and I’m loving the stuff I’m seeing from George and from all our (many, many) cover artists.

Kambadais: I love that I’m working with Nate again, it’s a pleasure working with him every time. And of course, it is amazing to me that I got to work with the creator of the Gargoyles (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I’m a huge fan!)

Destito: Can fans expect to see their favorites and are there some new characters to look forward to?

Weisman: Almost all the regulars appear within the first couple issues.  And eventually, given enough issues, we’ll get to everyone’s favorite.  But new characters are also coming.  Small roles and large ones.  Got a great new major villain making a first appearance in issue #4, for example.