The third season of Amazon Prime’s The Boys has not disappointed (and even shocked those who were ready to be shocked!). Alongside the phenomenon of the streaming show, Dynamite, the publisher of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic series, has been offering fans old and new plenty of ways to read–or reread–the source material. Currently, there is a Humble Bundle running featuring a 96% savings on more than 300 issues. The campaign also supports World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters or crises, such as the conflict in Ukraine.

Robertson chatted with the Beat about the comics, the show, and the importance of this particular Humble Bundle.

The Boys

Deanna Destito: The Prime series has definitely put The Boys back in the spotlight and brought new fans to the books. How has it been for you as one of the creators?

Darick Robertson: Overwhelming, a bit. I’m still spinning seeing the reaction to it all. We just got renewed for a fourth season and the viewing numbers are way up from even season two. And there’s a live action spin off in the works, along with the animated series “Diabolical”, so I can hardly believe that the book that was canceled at Wildstorm back in 2007 is now this massive show. Before it launched I was worried we’d be a one and done kind of show, but seeing the early screener of the pilot, I knew that this was going to be quality regardless. I’m happy people are loving it, and that it has found its audience. I wasn’t sure how it was going to translate to the screen, but I think all the right elements are there and clearly it’s in good hands. 

Destito: The series clearly pushes the envelope. Was there ever any moment where you were hesitant or have you always been like YES let’s go there!

The Boys
Darick Robertson

Robertson: My role as a co-executive producer doesn’t extend to me sitting in the writer’s room vetoing or approving things. Early on, Eric Kripke sat down with me and asked me what was important to me and what my vision for the show would be, and true to his word, all the elements I thought were important are in the pilot and in the show. Kripke, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have all expressed how much they loved our original comics and you can see that they keep steering back into source material and use it in their own clever narrative for where the TV series is going now. That’s been fun and gratifying seeing those elements end up on screen.

Destito: Humble Bundle has been a great way for fans to grab issues they may be missing or for new readers to gather all the source material they can. This one in particular is raising a lot of money for World Central Kitchen. Why is it important for you to be part of something like this?

Robertson: World Central Kitchen is one of my favorite charities and the work they do is so important, that any opportunity to help out I am in favor of. Knowing it boosts the readership along with a good cause, just feels like a win-win for the people who are new to the comics side of The Boys.

The Boys

Destito: How do you feel about the show’s translation of your work?

Robertson: It’s all been a really positive experience. If not for Covid I would have made my way to set for season three as I had the pleasure of being there for seasons one and two, and have met the majority of the people and cast that bring it all together. Standing alongside the Seven in costume with my artwork on the walls of the Seven’s HQ set was a bit of a surreal moment. Everyone’s been great and have made me feel very welcome. I think the tweaks to the original stuff are making it work as a show.

Originally, I envisioned that if it were to be live action, that the supes costumes should look a bit like the Batman 1966 show, kind of regular people with good physiques in spandex, but selling them to the world means they had to look impressive. So the realization of a Homelander, A-Train, and Starlight that reflect my original designs is really something to behold. In the case of Black Noir it’s better than what I did in the comics, and without saying a word that character has really caught on! Nate Mitchell who plays him is a real life martial arts champion and clearly an excellent silent actor at the same time. 

Destito: If you were to do your own spinoff of the series, which character (dead or alive) would you put center stage?

Robertson: At this point, I think a Payback series set in the ’80s would be excellent. But that’s not really my department. 

Head here to snag your Humble Bundle, which ends on Wednesday July 13. 


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