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Straight from the offices of Publishers Weekly, it’s More to Come! Your podcast source of comics news and discussion starring The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald.

In this week’s interview special, Heidi interviews comics historian, author, editor, and publisher Craig Yoe, author of the acclaimed Secret Identity and head of the Yoe! Books imprint as well as Jeffrey Brown, creator of the hit Star Wars parodies Darth Vader and Son, Vader’s Little Princess and Jedi Academy at Detroit Fanfare on this episode of More To Come, PW’s comics podcast.

Now tune in Fridays for our regularly scheduled podcast at it’s new, new time!

Listen to this episode in streaming here, download it direct here and catch up with our previous podcasts on the PublishersWeekly website, or subscribe to More To Come on iTunes

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  1. Heidi, you haven’t hyped the podcast for a while. It’s still going on and worth listening to. Especially liked the two-parter about “Women, Men and Comics” … although I know it’s a subject many of my fellow male fans don’t want to hear about.

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