By Davey Nieves

Yesterday we learned Miles Morales and the rest of the Ultimate universe would enter Secret Wars Battleworld in Ultimate End. Today Marvel announced superstar writer Charles Soule would bring the Inhumans into Battleworld with the new ongoing series Inhumans: Attilan Rising. The scribe will be joined by artist John Timms for what Marvel calls “a tale of romance and intrigue” that affects the entire Marvel U.

Inhumans: Attilan Rising joins the current Inhuman and recently announced Uncanny Inhumans ongoings to total three core Inhuman books Marvel will be publishing come May along side solo Inhuman characters like Ms.Marvel. Attilan Rising is poised as a sweeping war epic that puts the royal couple Blackbolt and Medusa front and center. What’s most exciting for Soule about launching this book in the coming mega-event Secret War is being able to give these characters a new context. In Soule’s words, “Things don’t have to be the way we’re used to seeing them.” No other major story details were revealed as Marvel continues to keep the shroud of secrecy looming over Secret Wars.

Both the Dave Johnson and W. Scott Forbes covers for issue one were shown today, check them out below.




  1. Wow. What a weird decision. Like the sudden influx of female-led Spider-books, I’m confounded that they’re not waiting to see what the sales numbers are like before inundating the market with similar titles. I know Inhuman isn’t setting the charts ablaze, so this is mystifying, as much as I like the characters and Soule’s work.

  2. just all part of the marvel comic universe alligning itself with the marvel cinematic universe. we’ll be seeing more inhumans in agents of shield, the avengers movie (rumor has it that scarlet witch and quicksilver are really inhumans, not mutants, go figure), and the inhumans movie due in a couple of years. i think that some of this new attention to the inhumans may be due to the fact that marvel/disney cannot use the mutant characters in the films that they produce, but still want characters that are born with (instead of coming across) gnarly powers. we might even see more mutants all of a sudden become inhumans in the comics as marvel wants to see certain characters appear in their movies. with all this back and forth between mutants and inhumans in the comics, who knows, the next big “event” after secret wars might be a world wide mutant/inhuman war, with oridinary humans stuck in the middle. a storyline of that magnitude would really bring the inhumans to the forefront of the marvel universe, but again, who knows?

  3. Being marvel I’m sure the 3 titles will be so interconnected with multiple crossovers that it will pointless just buying one.

  4. Whatever happened to the Eternals? I’ve always kind of put Eternals and Inhumans on the same C list. I’m currently reading Kirby’s original run of Eternals, and it’s off to a slow start, but their origin is way more fantastic and crazy than the Inhumans. I could see their storyline fitting the MCU (they already showed Celestials).

    As an aside, I think it’s hilarious that all those years of lazy writing (let’s just make EVERYONE a mutant) is coming back to bite them now that they don’t have movie rights.

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