By Davey Nieves


The hour glass containing the remaining days of the Marvel Universe as we know it continued to drip grains of information today as the company announced the first of the books to be under the Secret Wars : Battleworld tie-in banner. Ultimate End #1 with the creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley will be the first to enter the fray. It’s only fitting that the duo who began the Ultimate universe way back in Ultimate Spider-Man #1 would be there for the end.


In additon to the Battleworld news, it was also revealed that April’s Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man 12 would be branded under the current Time Runs Out and Secret Wars Banners. The issue was solicited as the end of the series and many speculated that it would be a lead in to Secret Wars.

This lovely David Marquez variant cover for Ultimate End #1 was also shown off today.



We’ll have more info as it comes out of today’s call…


Here’s what we know from today’s call with the creative team:

  • It’s definitely coming in May.
  • While Ultimate End will be the definitive end of the Ultimate Universe the series will see crossover with Marvel 616 characters.
  • The events currently talking place in Bendis MM: Ultimate Spider-Man series will lead the character into Secret Wars. If you pay close attention then you’ve already seen some hints to the upcoming event and post Marvel U.
  • The Marquez variant cover featuring the Ultimates and Miles gives you a clue as to who will play prominent roles in the book. Yes, Ultimate Captain America will be in the series.
  • Bendis when asked who he’d like to have in the series from any universe replied “Batman, Bagley does an excellent Batman”
  • More books featuring the Battleworld banner will be announced in the coming weeks, no word on what universe they’ll come from.

Marvel as usual kept everything as close to the chest as they could, so no major story details about the series were revealed. We’ll talk later today about the reflections Bendis, Bagley, current editor Mark Paniccia, and former Ultimate editor Ralph Macchio had on the coming end and the legacy of the Ultimate universe.


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