People just can’t stay away from publishing comics. The merriment is infectious! And a new publisher is aiming to create “stories that stick.”

Two former comics industry veterans—former VP of Publishing for Boom Studios, Wes Harris, and former Publisher of Archaia Entertainment, Mike Kennedy—have caught the fever and teamed up to co-found Magnetic Press, which will roll out titles in 2014 including Dave Dorman’s WASTED LANDS, JD Morvan and Bengal’s NAJA and MEKA, F. Ruiz Velasco’s CULEBRA and LEGION OF BLOOD, Caio Oliveira’s SUPER-EGO, PROPHET HILL, and VIVID, Francisco Paronzini’s HUGOBROYLER, and Lucas Marangon’s THINKING OUT LOUD. 

The new imprint will specialize in premium graphic novels, and aims to be “a compassionate home for innovative creators and projects that have been underrepresented in the current comic and graphic novel marketplace.”

“The most exciting aspect of any creative field is the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from amazing talent,” says Kennedy in a statement. “There’s an electrifying amount of talent out there, from around the world, all deserving wider attention, and we are thrilled to create a publishing program that’s built from the ground up to support them in their effort to pursue what they are so passionate about doing.”

“I love the idea of books as an expression of who you are – what you choose to read, to display on your coffee table, and what that says about you,” said Harris in his own statement. “From the very start, from the talent we work with to the titles we select to the way the book feels in your hands, our top priority is creating a memorable reading experience and a book that you’re proud to have on your shelf.“

Kennedy and Harris have a world of experience between them. Kennedy worked as Publisher at Archaia Entertainment, and was formerly both Creative Director and Senior Producer in the video game industry, at such companies as Electronic Arts, Namco, and Microsoft. CEO Wes Harris is the former VP of Publishing for Boom Studios, and has held senior roles at top entertainment companies such as Viz Media, White Wolf Publishing, and Meteor Entertainment.


While Magnetic is just rolling out news of its launch, we’ll have a longer interview with both founders very soon.


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