In The Dark Heads to IDW for Hardcover Collection

Current and future comic book hero Rachel Deering’s anthology In The Dark – which had a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year – will be coming to IDW in April.


The anthology, which showcases various horror comics from creators including Scott Snyder, Paul Tobin, Valerie d’Orazio, Cullen Bunn, Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, Alison Sampson and Marguerite Bennett, will be collected in a 250-page hardcover from the company, who seem to be developing an interest in working alongside Kickstarter campaigns. 

If you make it, they will come! Kickstarter’s proving that more than ever, these days.

Deering’s own work will be featured in the anthology – she’s also written the short story Swan Song, drawn by Marc Laming, which she describes as

About a man who is walking home late one night when he hears the most beautiful song he’s ever heard in his life. The voice is truly otherworldly in its beauty. The problem comes when he notices that the song is coming from inside a coffin, being dragged behind a gypsy wagon, headed for the countryside.

Hey, where did she say that? Right here in an interview on The Beat, you say? Good taste – that’s what we’ve got, folks. In The Dark comes out from IDW in April.

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