I will admit that I chuckled when I read the fine print on Image’s current Comixology sale.

“Excludes titles released after 2/10/18.”

I don’t know if that’s a dig at Marvel’s new releases being offered for 99¢ (and we still don’t know exactly who initiated that promotion), but after the last week I’m sure a few people will take it that way.

But this sale does raise a couple of questions in the current landscape:

  1. Should publishers attempt to respect an informally agreed upon period of time before deep discounting (digital or otherwise)?
  2. After so many 99¢ tpbs being thrown at the consumer in the last couple months, what kind of a discount does it take to get attention?  Two months ago, a 60% off sale would sound like extreme discounting.  Today?  It’s not as eye-catching.

And for you consumers, that’s 60% off the already marked down price.  I put Black Magic Vol. 1 into my cart and added the code.  The price went down to $2.40.  That’s not quite 99¢, but that’s still dirt cheap for a tpb.

Remember, when extreme discounting starts, it pays for everyone – consumer, retailer and publisher alike – to start watching the prices and see what sticks.

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  1. That date limit isn’t anything new, whenever Image (or Boom and other pubs) run one of these promocode sales, there’s always a bit of text that says the code/sale only applies to.

  2. Exactly as jazzy stated. If anything it’s news because the exclusion only goes back two months. From recall, I feel like it was previously six months and earlier.

    PS. Comic retailers can suck an egg. InStockTrades and DCBS are more of a threat to them than digital.

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