BCI Eclipse is releasing The Ghost Busters on DVD for the first time! This is not the Bill Murray/Harold Ramis version — it’s the Forrest Tucker/Larry Storch version. Were any words ever a clearer clarion call to comedy? And you know, we really loved that show when we were kids. As the press release notes, not only did it co-star a giant orilla (played by Bob Burns) but people like Ted Knight, Jim Backus and Billy Barty often made appearances. In fatc, all things considered, it might even have been better than Dusty’s Trail.

“This long lost gem has finally made its way to DVD” said Jeff Hayne, Director of Acquisitions, BCI. “And as one of the champions of nostalgic TV, BCI is thrilled to be releasing this classic series that spawned an animated series and inspired the title of one of the top feature films of the 1980’s.”

When trouble calls, The Ghost Busters answer! From their run-down office, Spenser, Tracy, and Kong take on assignments no mere mortal could face. Good thing that Spenser and Kong have the super-smart gorilla Tracy on their team! In the super-secret missions assigned to them by the mysterious “Zero,” the trio of bumbling detectives confronts phantoms, vampires, werewolves, the Frankenstein monster, mobsters, Vikings, magicians, and even a devilish dummy!

The set includes a bunch of behind the scenes features, interviews, galleries and so on, all produced by Andy Mangels, so there’s your comics tie-in there, bub.


  1. Hmmm… can other, live action shows from Saturday Morning be on the way? Monster Squad? Jason of Star Command? ARK II? Maybe, dare I say it, KROFT SUPERSHOW?!

    Ah, we live in a golden age, nay, a renaissance, where the old is rediscovered, and inspires new masterpieces! And I’m old enough to BUY IT ALL!

  2. Was either Futura or Prime Evil in this version? How about the talking, flying car, GhostBuggy?

    I swear, sooner or later every obscure TV show is going to be exhumed and thrown onto DVD. I think there’s a Hanna Barbera Ice Capades special from around ’81 I’d sit through for shits n’ giggles; howsabout that?

  3. I watched this show as a kid, and enjoyed the handful of old-time movie references I understood, like the two guys’ names (Spencer Tracy) and the “metro mayor Goldwin” (Metro-Mayer-Goldwyn aka MGM)… even if I didn’t really know who Spencer Tracy was.

  4. Kiel says “Now if they only released the Filmation cartoon version, my collection would be complete.”

    Volume 1 of the Complete Series is out now. Volume 2 will be out later this year.

    Torsten says “Hmmm… can other, live action shows from Saturday Morning be on the way? Monster Squad? Jason of Star Command? ARK II? Maybe, dare I say it, KROFT SUPERSHOW?!”

    Ark II is already out, as is Space Academy. Jason of Star Command will be out this Spring (and I’m working on it now) and Secrets of Isis will be released for the San Diego Comic-Con!

    There are links to learn more about or buy ALL of these (and more) on my website. Not sure if links are allowed, so it’s www dot andymangels dot com

    Andy Mangels

  5. To answer Torsten Adair, and anyone else interested. I’m pretty sure you can get Ark II on DVD. Space Academy is out too. I got my copies!!! the spinoff of Space Academy, Jason of Star Command shouldn’t be far off, CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  6. I bought the set and it is GREAT! This was one of my faves back in the good old days of 1970’s Saturday morning TV and the DVDs have brought back so many memories. Back in 1984 when I was a Jr in high school and The 1st Ghostbusters film was released. I brought up the subject of the Original Saturday morning show with The 2 FTroop guys and the Gorilla, My friends all told me I was crazy! These were guys my age, who had grown up watching the same saturday morning TV shows I Did and not one of them remembered this show. Well, WHOSE LAUGHING NOW JERKS!!!! I TOLD YA SO!