Miracleman, a character with one of the most fascinating back stories in comics chronicled in our own Poisoned Chalice pieces is getting an Artifact Edition from IDW. The collection was announced this morning from Comics Alliance, and contains 144 pages of sheer Alan Moore awesomeness. The hardcover is solicited as being $95, and features an orientation size of 15 x 20. The book is for those who describe themselves as ‘process nerds’ featuring artwork in the size that it was presented with notes as the title was produced.

Miracleman Artifact Edition HC

The Original Writer (w) • Garry Leach, Alan Davis, John Totleben, and more (a) • John Totleben (c)

Miracleman was launched 30 years ago in the now legendary Warrior magazine. It turned the concept of “super-hero” on its ear with big ideas that helped redefine an entire genre… when Miracleman fought Kid Miracle Man on the streets of London… well, things would never be the same.

And then there was the art.

Miracleman had a true knack for bringing out the best work from extraordinary artists. Starting with co-creator Garry Leach, followed by Alan Davis (and others) and finishing with one of the most amazing endings in comics history by the phenomenal John Totleben, Miracleman was a work of art painted on a grand canvas, unlike anything before or since.

HC • BW • $95.00 net discount item • 144 Pages • 15” x 20” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-392-7

Miracleman is a special character who was finally capitalized on in recent reprints of the series from Marvel. This excellent work from people like Garry Leach, John Totleben, and Alan Moore (who is credited as the Original Writer) is now widely available in numerous incarnations across bookshelves, and for that we commend IDW and Marvel. Miracleman is so rich with history and intrigue, it’s excellent to think that a new horde of readers are going to be digging into the incredible work.

Please, make sure to buy responsibly.



  1. A small nit with the reporting part: Alan Moore, the original writer, is not credited as the “original writer,” as reported. He’s credited as “The Original Writer” — a proper noun pseudonym because of a load of baggage.

    And of course this is oddly obvious to someone reading the solicitation description but doesn’t know any of the real life drama as to why there’s no writer name listed.

    My question: this is published by IDW, and I’m not aware of any bad blood on Moore’s part between them. Is this a legacy of Marvel unwinding the hurdles such that this product utilizes their fruits and so Moore’s objections must also stand verbatim to the Marvel releases?

    Silly but True

  2. This hardcover is probably going to set you back more than $95. That’s the price retailors pay. It will probably sell for around $125 and most likely at that price point won’t appear on your local comics shop’s shelves unless you specifically ask for it.

  3. I have a few original pages from Miracleman. I assume you already have what you need, or are using the files the Marvel already scanned of the pages. But just in case, I have a couple of pages if you need/want them.

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