Borys Kit at THR delivers another exclusive tonight, as he reports that Idris Elba, the guy many want to play James Bond and is no stranger to big budget franchises like Thor, Pacific Rim, The Dark Tower, Star Trek, etc…, has entered into talks to play Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel.

Reportedly titled The Suicide Squad, James Gunn‘s spin on the franchise is aimed to be a total rehaul of the property, whose first film was a huge financial smash, but was treated with disdain by critics.

Last week, it was announced that Will Smith would not be returning to the film’s central role, and in turn Gunn met with Elba and it went so well, the studio started negotiations right away.

Elba would be the first confirmed star of the sequel, though it’s reported that Margot Robbie is likely to return as well.

This would be Elba’s third comic franchise after his tenure in the MCU and his supporting role in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Gotta say though, it might be time to start getting real excited about where this sequel/relaunch may be headed.


  1. Elba mining emotion, like he does in Luther, would be gold for a figure straining to do right/wrong, for his kid and himself.

  2. I hated, hated, hated Smith’s predictable and tone-deaf rendition of Deadshot.

    The DTV movie is a substantial improvement in that and almost all other ways. (Harley’s not as funny in the DTV.)

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