Prodigal blogger Ian Brill returns and he’s somehow…older…which isn’t all that bad.

What had me hesitate from starting up the blog is this: I’m not excited about too much in comics. I look forward to new issues of Casanova, Criminal, Iron Fist and various other books under the Fracbaker empire. I like seeing my name in Punisher War Journal (thanks Matt!). I’m addicted to Naoki Urasawa’s Monster. But that’s about it I’m afraid. I’ve still got the new 24seven and Tekkoninkreet to get to but I can’t see anything on the horizon that would compel me to produce a meaty post once a week. That’s why I’ve turned to other subjects.

Since graduating college (that’s right, you’re now reading the blog of a college graduate and a published author. Those are two claims I couldn’t make at the beginning of the year) I’ve made a discovery similar to one I made at thirteen-years-old. I’ve found playing guitar and listen to music is way better than comics.

That’s okay, Ian, it’s a phase we all go through. Welcome back!