Following this morning’s speculative piece on which DC New 52 titles were falling below the cancellation line, writers Paul Cornell and Joshua Hale Fialkov have issued definite rebuttals on Twitter.

Although these books are safe for now, rumblings do indicate “standard attrition” in titles, with an ongoing freshening up as old titles fade away. In other words…publishing as usual.



  1. Glad to hear it. Demon Knights is a pretty enjoyable title that was hurt by a rough first arc, but I, Vampire would be the biggest loss, in my opinion. I seriously think that I, Vampire is one of the five or six most well-constructed, enjoyable monthly comics out there today, and with books like Saga, Prophet, Adventure Time, Daredevil, etc… that’s saying something.

  2. I, Dare you to get the first I, Vampire trade and see if you don’t end up getting the rest. One of the best, if not THE best of the New 52.

  3. Didn’t care for I, Vampire. Mostly didn’t care for the muddy art.

    Also seemed like we there was something missing at first – we meet the main characters at a point where whatsername has already built up her army of vampires. I think we should have come in a little earlier, and seen more of her transition into the bad guy.

    But that’s a personal preference. I don’t think it’s a bad comic, just not my cup of tea.

  4. Demon Knights is one of the 3 remaining DC books I get (after starting with the whole new 52). I really hope they keep it going for a long while. Love it.

  5. Re the cancellation line you refer to. so has DC ever actually said there is a minimum sales level? Or is this just a half-assed assumption made by folks who think they know what DC has for policy?

  6. Good point.

    On this website, you lot about sales and make assumptions which could really affect the book itself like in this case and make the book more vulnerable. But how do you know what the minimum sales figure is and should be…when does a a comic cover its bases and turn into profit?. I see you going too much by the strict numbers. Like It was 14,000 last month, now its 13,000… book must be tanking etc..too linear.

    But how do you know that? If a book covers all its base expenses after lets say 2000 are sold, everything on the top might be the margins. If something like that was true, then selling 12000 or 14000 books …isn’t that still good, even if its 2000 less than the month before?

    I don’t know what the answer is but our logic could be shaped better by that understanding. And give a sharper analysis base on that.

  7. There isn’t a cancellation line, because not only US printed sales attribute to cancellations. There’s also

    1 tpb sales
    2 digital sales
    3 distribution rights for foreign territories.
    4 probable pay variation between creators of differing titles.

    No-one other than the people in WB can accurately guage how well a title is truly doing. Anyone else doing it and its wild specualation.

  8. I…Vampire is a potential classic…I see it in the same sort of place that I see Y, the Last Man, Fables, Saga, etc.

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