In the spirit of Cthulhu Family Circus and other great remixes, Jon L. and Chris D. present
Sheen Family Circus.
In case you have been in Shaolin seclusion this week, actor Charlie Sheen has been on a manic-phase media run with a series of hyperventilated interviews highlighting our newfound media ability to watch famous people pathetically and tragically act out right in front of us. As distasteful as it all is…these quotes are comedy gold.


  1. So, assuming Sheen survives his flameout, which Marvel hero will he play to help repair his career the way Iron Man did for Robert Downey Jr?

    My money’s on Strange, with Sheen adopting a much more ascetic personality if/when he recovers from this. In fact, this whole thing could be one long audition for the role.

  2. Joe, good idea! I could see Mister Sheen as Dr Strange. Same features and head shape. And, um… aura of discomfort…

    As far as the Sheen Family Circus, this weird combo of ‘jaded Sheen’ and ‘innocent Jeffy’ seems to work in a twisted sort of way.

    However, I am a bit uncomfortable with Jon L. and Chris D. leaving the cartoonist credits in the finished work. It seems to suggest that the Keanes have given permission for the parody.

  3. Upon seeing the first image, I was instantly reminded of the Cthulhu Family Circus; The Nameless Dread. The text used for that panel seems weirdly appropriate here:

    “Stupendous and unheard-of splendors await me below, and I shall seek them soon.”