Kevin Huizenga has announced that OR ELSE, his periodical comic from D&Q, will not have a sixth issue:

I’ve decided that Or Else (the series) is done. It doesn’t make sense to do it this way anymore. Drawn and Quarterly have been great and I want to thank them. For sure I will still be putting out a lot of books and zines, forever, so save your pennies, and watch this space for more news as it becomes available. Thanks for reading.

In a subsequent post, he mentions a new 28-page mini-comic, RUMBLING CHAPTER 2. that will be available at USSCATASTROPHE. THe new comic has the same cover as the proposed OR ELSE #6, so one might guess some of the material will appear there.

Huizenga has declined further comment on the move. It’s easy to speculate that ending a low-selling — if critically acclaimed — indie periodical might be part of the fallout of Diamond’s recent moves, but let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Via Bill K.


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