THE BEAT has a lot in the queue to be posted, but we’ve been delayed by what one might term “affairs in the world of men.” We’ll be back as events allow.

UPDATE: Well, as the book blogosphere has been reporting, PW’s Editor-in-Chief Sara Nelson was laid off this morning, along with three other staffers. Since their names haven’t been made public yet, I’ll refrain from naming them. And to answer many emails coming in, this hasn’t directly affected The Beat or me, as of yet.

I will say that Sara has been hugely supportive of comics, The Beat and me, and I’m truly saddened to see her leaving. Sara isn’t a comics nut, like Calvin and me, but she greatly supported increasing our coverage of the category as it grew; she’s that uncommon (in my experience) head who saw the value in things even when they weren’t “her” thing, among her many other virtues. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet.

As for The Beat, we’ll just keep on doing what we do best until they tell us to stop or the universe suffers heat death, whichever comes first.


  1. Speaking of “the world of men,” it looks like you guys are still not getting MMA anytime soon in New York, especially with the NYT writing editorials like they did last week.

  2. Very incredible, exact handwriting, if his anatomy has changed!

    And even if he ISN’T the missing scientist, you’ve got a gorilla who can write.

    Myself, I’m still looking for that elusive cover featuring a gorilla on a motorcycle riding through a firestorm.

  3. Hah, funny. I remember owning a copy of that issue of Unexpected. Oops, I mean, like, my grandfather kinda like remembers and all that. Whatever, like. ahem.

  4. I was very sorry to read that Sara Nelson was let go. I really liked her editorial write ups on the publishing industry and I know she was someone who was well respected.

    I hope you and the rest of the PW staffers are ok. You all do such great work.

  5. so you’ll out the name of the subscription manager at DC as being laid off, but not your colleagues at PW?

    shame on you.

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