Brooklyn is, despite the gentrification covering a huge swath of the entire borough, still home to a few people who don’t shop at Kitsuné; and most of these urban poor seem to be cartoonists, which Brooklyn also has a huge population of. The local website Brokelyn catches up with a few of them for survival tips. Brendan Leach, Leslie Stein and Lisa Hanawalt, (whose book on farts for children is excerpted above) give their recipes for ketchup soup and other practical hints:

So, can you make a living in comics?

Brendan: It becomes a question of what kind of sacrifices you are willing to make in your life. You can treat making comics like a hobby, and get a day job. But that never really worked for me. I quit my job and went to grad school for Illustration. That gave me two years to focus on comics and drawing. Plus grad school is good for making connections. You can get your foot in a few more doors that weren’t open before. But then you are in a mountain of debt.