Sorry we disappeared yesterday. We had chores to do.

BTW, isn’t a shame that comics don’t have word balloons on the covers any more?


  1. What I would like to know is if the mantis creatures OR Master of the Unknown were included in 52 or Countdown or any of the Crises.

  2. I think a lot of the Showcase Presents covers don’t really work because the original covers’ blurbs and word balloons are removed – the text on DC covers conveyed information that wasn’t included in the artwork, and which was sometimes needed to make sense of it. (They were often extremely effective covers, certainly in the sense of making you want to read the comic.)

  3. The mantis-creature story was originally printed in STRANGE ADVENTURES #85 (with a Gil Kane/Joe Giella cover of the same scene). I know this because I found a copy for 50 cents at NYCC. God bless the 50-cent bin.

  4. I would watch every episode of the syndicated Who Wants To Be A Millionaire if there was a chance questions would be about the contestants’ deformities.

  5. That second cover is a thing of beauty. Really lucky the animagus there got that category. If it was Potent Potables he’d have been boned.

  6. You know that host has been dying to ask that the whole show. RKO probably isn’t even putting up the prize money for that question. He just wants to know that badly.

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