Number cruncher Brett Schenker is at it again. As part of the reinvigorated Graphic Policy he’s done a survey showing how Facebook likes overlap for various comics publishers, and also how publisher newsletters overlap.

There’s no way to really figure out if the folks who purchase comics are loyal to one publisher, many publishers, or maybe a select few. “Sales” data reported is estimated sales from distributors to stores, we don’t know what stores sell directly to customers, whether it’s physical or digital sales.
So what can we look at to figure this out?
First, there’s Facebook data. Twice a month I report on data derived from Facebook looking at the demographics of those who “like” comics. But we can do more than just report on the age, we can also see how many people like two different pages, publisher a AND publisher b.

To be honest, I’m not sure what this data really shows, but some of it isn’t what was expected. For instance, 40% of Skybound likers also like Image Comics but only 1% of Image likers like Skybound. 17% of Valiant likers also like Comixology but only 1% of DC likers also pushed the blue button for Comixology. 

It’s all subject to investigation but it’s a start. Schenker’s conclusion is that individual publishers have distinct communities, which is common wisdom, but these numbers show it may be even more segregated than we thought.


  1. I think a better way of getting info on this is to contact retailers and ask for their customers pull lists, without any customer info attached. It won’t give you any demographic details on who those customers are, but you’ll see what’s being purchased on a single customer level and you’ll see if those customers cross over into other publishers or not and how much. At minimum it would either support (or detract) from information that’s gathered from other sources.

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