It’s been a busy week all around. The Beat hack attacks go on — the most recent has been repelled but the Thunderbirds are currently in a secure location plugging holes and installing plug-ins to make certain it doesn’t happen again. Also, the comment spoofing continues.

Please note, if I catch anyone spoofing a comics professional or another poster, the spoofer will be BANNED. The spoofing does not include ISPs, so you will be caught very quickly.

In the meantime, here’s some fun stuff.


  1. Odd that there is so much hacking going on directed at The Beat. Did you piss off 4chan or something, or is it just the usual automatic bot-generated activity combined with weak security? Also if you mean spoofing as in simply choosing a username similar to a comics writer or something, this is pretty much par for the course online. I don’t begrudge you the right to fight against such shenanigans, but it’s kind of like taking on a titanic struggle that you can never really win, if choosing usernames with superficial resemblances to the many thousands of comics industry names out there is the only issue.

  2. My guess is that the spoofing ban is targeted to those who are impersonating other posters, ie: posting using someone else’s nick.

  3. One week ago I had a problem of spoofing:

    At first it looked like a spoof, but then I realized that it was only a mistake. I think there was a bug in the blog.

    When there were only five comments I tried to write a comment, but then I decided not to publish it. I wrote few sentences and I deleted them.
    At the same time Rich Johnson wrote a comment. Apparently he spoofed my name, but I think it was a bug.
    When you write something on The Beat, the blog – with a cookie – remembers your name, mail and website. I think that The Beat suggested to Rich Johnson my name, mail and website instead of his. He didn’t check the datas, so he signed as Gigi.

    The day after I had the same problem. I was submitting my comment when I noticed that in the fields there were name, mail and website of Pia Guerra!

  4. i saw Jim Lee’s e-mail and tag up for a while yesterday, does this mean that we now have a few dozen Jim Lees running around?