It’s the scariest day of the year! Well, scariest if you already have a badge that is. Hotel registration for the San Diego Comic-Con took place at 9 am pdt, and it didn’t take long for the close hotels to go – this tweet went out about 9:23:

And now the waiting begins. Reservations within a three second block are considered the same time and go into a tie breaking lottery. My own time was 2:20, which is pretty good but…will I ever see you again Horton Grand? One pro tip: autofill, autofill, autofill.

This is as good a time as any to note that there is always some jockeying for rooms and swapping and shenanigans and what not, although the steep two day deposit has limited that. There’s always Airbnb, too although private rooms are going for $400-1000 so not exactly a bargain option.

Still, you know what? It will all work out.

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