Hope Larson‘s epic comics adaptation of A WRINKLE IN TIME has barely hit shelves but she’s already talking about her next projects, including a graphic novel she’s written with art by Tintin Pantoja called WHO IS A.C.?. Planned as the start of a series, it debuts next spring.

It’s written by me and drawn by Tintin Pantoja, and it’s a magical girl book grounded in shoujo manga tropes. I like to pitch it as Sailor Moon versus the Internet, but it has plenty of awkwardness and introspection going on. I wrote it over three years ago, so if I do have the opportunity to continue the series–which depends on sales–that’ll be weird.

Elsewhere in this interview with Badass Digest, Larson reveals some of the problems with being a graphic novelist for a living and her turn to making films:

Not to make this interview a total downer, but I’ve been having a tough time selling another graphic novel. The publishing industry and comics industries are a mess, the economy’s a mess… It doesn’t seem like there’s a future there for me, in the long term. It’s not a stable career.

Anyhow, I’ve been writing nonstop for the last few years, but it’s all been screenplays. The dream is to break into screenwriting, film being somewhat similar to comics, and something I’ve always been passionate about–I went to film school for a year before switching into illustration and ending up as a cartoonist.

Larson has made a short film called BITTER ORANGE, which is set in the 1920s and stars Brie Larson, Brendan Hines, and nerd favorite James Urbaniak. She also enlisted some comics types to work on various aspects of the film: Storyboards by Jen Wang and poster art by Becky Cloonan with lettering by Dustin Harbin.

The film will go online when its finished.