Top Cow has just announced a few personnel changes, with writer Bryan Hill coming on board as Story Editor, and Betsy Gonia promoted from Managing Editor to Editor. Hill co-wrote Postal with publisher Matt Hawkins and had been helping Hawkins on a a number of projects. This is a new position, “created specifically to use Bryan’s talents to best facilitate making Top Cow stories better,” says Hawkins.

“Comics are lifelong passion. I love comics. I trust comics,” said Hill, who lives in LA while writing comics and making films. “Being able to develop new stories of my own while sharing my storytelling experience with the Top Cow team is incredibly exciting, and I appreciate Marc and Matt creating this space for me and giving me this opportunity. #TrustComics.” HE can be found on twitter @bryanedwardhill and Instagram bryanehill

Gonia is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, and started at TopCow in 2012. In addition to editing she also colors several of their books. “Betsy is being bumped up to Editor from Managing Editor and has proven herself the most organized, capable Editor I’ve ever worked with,” says Hawkins.

With the moves, TopCow has one of the more diverse editorial staffs out there, which Hill addressed in a statement. “A lot of companies talk about diversity, but how many hire writers of color? How many have people of color in editorial? Marc and Matt don’t just hashtag the trend, they do the hard work of bringing in new voices, new people like me into comics and giving me the space and support to do my best work.”