There is a world alongside our own that is more magical than we could ever dream. Starting in February, Rafael Albuquerque (Eight, American Vampire) and Rafael Scavone (All-Star Batman, Hit-Girl In Rome) invite you to look behind the curtain in Hidden Society, a four-issue mini-series from Dark Horse Comics.

The story follows Ulloo, the last wizard from the Hidden Society, as he enlists the aid of a blind girl and her demon, a young magician, and a cursed bounty hunter to stop a group of nihilist warlocks from waking the Society’s greatest nemesis. If this primal source is awoken and left unchecked, it will scorch the planet bare.

“After working on a book with the enigmatic 19th century London as the background, we thought that setting our first creator-owned book in the past was a good choice,” the creative team said in a joint statement. “New York in the 1970s shined like a good starting point for a story about magic, with all the decadence and violence around it. In Hidden Society, we created a place — with a Scorsese flair — filled with mysteries and magic, where complex characters have to team up and become the heroes those times needed.”

Hidden Society #1 hits shelves February 26, 2020. You can pre-order now at your local comic shop. Check out the cover below.

Hidden Society #1