By Steve Morris

IDW announced today that the second story set in the universe of Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis’ Memorial series is to be released as a digital series via Comixology. And, hey, that starts today, with the first chapter up right now.

One of the most entertaining fantasy stories of the last year, the original Memorial was great fun, and had a talking cat. A talking cat! This follow up series will be called “Memorial: Imaginary Fiends” and will be published on a fortnightly basis (that’s biweekly, for our American friends) on the IDW Comics app and at Comixology.

Set in a universe made up of three realms, the original Memorial series told the story of Em, an amnesiac woman who stumbles into a different universe where she meets a talking cat (talking cat!) and gets wrapped up in a conspiracy to change the fabric of imagination. This series, set in the same universe will tell the story of the realm called “Maybe”, which is populated by things which may or may not exist — the repeatedly aforementioned talking cat Schroedinger, for example. Each section of the nine-part series will be eight pages long, and cost 99¢ each.

The first volume of Memorial was a purely physical comic, collected into a trade, so this is an interesting move for IDW and the creative team. Obviously this isn’t Roberson’s first foray into the world of digital, but it is one of the bigger moves made by IDW into publishing digital content. It’s an interesting time… but really, I’m just excited that I get to read more of Memorial.


  1. Sounds cool. What I don’t get tho’ is the price. 99c for 8 pages? I might have my maths wrong here – but that’s 8 pages times 9 parts = 72 pages for a total of close to $9. And it’s digital. Why? Digital has less overhead than print, right? Why are publishers always shooting themselves with digital and cost?

  2. With luck, when they do a print edition (cause why throw away money) $9 sounds about right for a 72 page one shot from IDW.

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