HeroesPromoArtHeroes had a four season run on television from 2006-2010.  There also a webcomic and a couple fairly high profile graphic novels collecting the webcomic.  And now Heroes is back in comic form.

Dynamite has landed the license and tapped Cullen Bunn to write it.  Bunn is best known for Oni’s excellent The Sixth Gun horror/western and no stranger to television.  The Sixth Gun had a pilot produced and a lot of people are still scratching their head that it didn’t get picked up.

Official PR follows:

SDCC Announcement – NBC’S Heroes Television Series Continues in
New Dynamite Comic Book Series, Written by Cullen Bunn

July 16, 2013, Mt. Laurel, NJ:  Dynamite proudly announces a licensing partnership with NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products that will bring back one of the biggest primetime successes of the past decade, the superhuman drama Heroes.  Working with Dynamite for the first time, popular writer Cullen Bunn (of Marvel’s Fearless Defendersand Deadpool) will build upon open-ended storylines of the diverse Heroes cast in a completely unexpected way.

Heroes was a beloved weekly drama airing from 2006 through 2010, chronicling the lives of ordinary people whose mysterious superhuman powers led to internal conflicts and government conspiracies.  The series featured a star-studded cast, including Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, Zachary Quinto, Santiago Cabrera, and Masi Oka.  During its first season, Heroes enjoyed an average American viewership of 14.3 million per weekly episode, with a premiere episode that achieved NBC’s highest rating in five years.  Critically acclaimed, the show received numerous accolades, including a wealth of Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, People’s Choice and British Academy Television awards and nominations.

“Like so many others, I was a huge fan of Heroes during its original run,” says writer Cullen Bunn.  “I was drawn to a cast of characters with interesting back stories and development, a setting boiling over with potential, and — of course — the exploration of superpowers in a ‘real’ world scenario. With this book, I have the opportunity to contribute to the mythology of the series in a way that will surprise readers.  When I was watching the show, I never could have imagined the direction I’d be taking the story.  The narrative I’m developing will be multi-layered, complex, and character-focused, and it will shake up the Heroes storyline in a major way.  I don’t think anyone is expecting what we have in store for Claire, Hiro, Peter, Niki, Sylar, and the rest of the gang.”

Cullen Bunn has written comic books for Oni Press (The Sixth GunHelheimThe Damned, and The Tooth) and Marvel Comics (Fearless DefendersDeadpool KillustratedVenomWolverine, and Spider-Man: Season One).  He also writes short fiction and novels, including the middle reader horror novel, Crooked Hills, and the collection of short horror fiction, Creeping Stones & Other Stories.


  1. I agree with Peter. This should have been tried in about 2007, not now. I recall those HEROES hardbacks sold VERY well, especially in the bookstore market. I’ll note that even my mother, who may have never read a comic book before in her life, bought both volumes for herself at the local B&N.

  2. Since everything is changing faster and faster these days, maybe the time to milk the ’00s nostalgia market has already arrived.

  3. i can’t imagine what the holdup is. i believe that most of the lead actors would be pleased to return to their characters w/o missing a beat. many of them don’t have regular series they’re in. some r working regularly but i think many of them would be willing to return; particularly if the same writers and, of course Tim Kring would have to write and be involved with the show.

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