Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, Charlotte NC’s iconic and groundbreaking comics shop, is moving to a new location in “NoDa.” As I am not from Charlotte, I don’t know what that means, but I’m guessing it’s some kind of trendy neighborhood.

In an article in the Charlotte Five, owner Shelton Drum explained that the move was due to the current lease not being renewed, although he had been thinking of moving to a bigger store. The new store will be 4,500 sq. ft, up from the 2,800 sq. ft of the old location. The new digs will be part of The NoDA Street market, a local development that also includes a Thai restaurant and Divine Barrel Brewing.


Reading the piece, it seems Heroes’ former location is going more upscale, but the new place will be more authentic and artisanal. I don’t know much about Charlotte real estate, etc, but it’s a very fast growing city.

Like everyone in comics, I have wonderful memories of the laidback, family atmosphere at the Heroes Con closing night parties at the current location, including a memorable night when we watched the US play Portugal in the World Cup at the bar across the street then went to hang out at Heroes until the wee hours in the warm Southern evening. Apparently that sports bar also closed. Change is every where, it seems. The new location sounds amazing, however.

Drum hopes to be able to store his inventory in the new store instead of an additional 2000 sq. ft warehouse, so the move could have many benefits.  The current store will stay open until the new one opens, hopefully before HeroesCon June 18-20.




  1. NoDa is an artsy area. Good fit for a comic book store, but It’s a bit of a preaching to the choir situation as far as clientele goes.

    They should’ve partnered with VisArt and gotten a larger space for all your artsy entertainment needs.

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