Although it’s six months away, it’s not too soon to start planning for New York Comic-Con. To wit: tickets went on sale at Noon EDT and in little more than half an hour, the VIP tickets were sold out:

Despite that status report, since then, both the $190 regular VIP package and the $475 “Ultimate Access” VIP packages which get the bearer early admission, a special lounge and two creator signings are sold out.

4-day passes and daily tickets are still available. The four day passes usually sell out well before the show date (although we heard a guy was selling them out of a box on the sidewalk at last year’s show) so you might want to consider getting one just to be sure.


  1. One wonders when they’ll get around to contacting Artist Alley people… I wish they did that before doing the general public tickets, so those who might not get into Artist Alley can decide if they want to pay to get in.

  2. Everyone, do yourself a favor and just sit this con out. It is really just one big throng of sweaty meat puppets pressed up against each other.

  3. Funny, I had a blast during my four days there last year. One of the most enjoyable comic experiences of my life. Got to chat with great creators and got some fantastic sketches. It’s killing me being unable to go this year. I wasn’t alone, if the reaction I saw from others is any indication. I saw a lot more happy people than cranky ones.

    A little patience and it’s a fantastic time. I’m getting back there again in the next couple of years.

  4. I guess being paranoid and getting on right at noon really paid off for me as I was able to snag a VIP Ticket for NYCC. Can’t believe they sold out so fast.

  5. Also, I stand to be corrected, but aren’t these advance tickets for people who went last year? I think they’ll have more tickets available later in the year. The VIP tickets didn’t go on sale until June/July last year.

  6. The website is active for anyone.
    However, I only saw the four-day tickets available for sale, not the dailies.

    There is a “waiting room” of sorts, but it only lasted 15 seconds before I was directed to the purchase page.

    RE: Artists Alley:
    Fill out the following TABLE REQUEST FORM (this is not a contract). Registration will close at 5:00 PM EDT on Thursday, June 27.
    We will contact all artists on July 9 with the status of their registration.
    If your request is accepted you will then be sent a contract and will need to send in your signed agreement and payment no later than August 8.

  7. holy shit! did i miss something? was there any advanced warning of the vip tickets going on sale this early in the year (as craig stated above, vip tickets usually go on sale sometime in june or july), ’cause if there was, i missed the memo and if their wasn’t, why the hell not?.
    @craig – i did have the vip tickets last year, but again, got no word from anybody as to vip tickets being sold this early. is your “they’ll have more tickets available later in the year” statement just an assumption on your part or do you know this as fact, ’cause if true, i’m gonna have to pay a hell of alot more attention to the damn nycc website.

  8. @abc – There is a mailing list for NYCC. Sign up for that and you’ll be advance notice of the ticket sales dates. Unfortunately too late for VIP. :(

  9. @melissa – thanks for the info. i’ve been scoring vip tix to the nycc show for the past few years which requires me to give them my email address, which in the last couple of years they have been giving me a heads up about tickets, folks showing up to the show, etc. . for some reason this year i haven’t been hearing squat from them, so i’m gonna have to follow your advice and sign up for any future info regarding tickets.

  10. “Everyone, do yourself a favor and just sit this con out. It is really just one big throng of sweaty meat puppets pressed up against each other.”

    I went to the first NYCC and it was like this. That turned me off to conventions in general. Never again!!! So not worth the aggravation…

  11. this con is fucking awesome! cant wait for this this is a craziest most awesomeniess onthe fucking planet! Yowser!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5an7ve69habb6sy/Screw%20ComicCon.jpg?dl=0

    Dear ComicCon, after looking at this photo, please explain to me how I was unable to acquire tickets.

    Last year I had to take a day off work, stand in line for half a day, and was lucky enough to acquire Sunday passes. I will NOT be doing that again this year. I also refuse to buy a tickey off StubHub which, by the way, is already selling for $1,000.

    Congratulations ComicCon on having your servers unprepared for this amount of trafficflow. And please do not even try to use the excuse of “we had no idea that there would be this amount of traffic…”. It’s the same issue as last year, and yet you still have been unable to come up with a reasonable solution 1 year later. Unfortunately, it’s the fans that suffer and the scalpers that make off well. Either way, you’ll get your money ComicCon, and that’s ll that matters, right?

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