UPDATE: Folks I have a bunch of fantastic candidates for this position, so no more resumes please.

As you may have noticed yesterday, after a run of ten years or so, Marc-Oliver Frisch is giving up writing the monthly comparative sales charts for DC. He had a great run, but no one does this job forever — Matt High who did it previously, only did it 10 years or so himself. High started the charts back when Usenet was the only place people talked about comics, Marc-Oliver kept it up there until I offered a more stable and searchable home for him and Paul O’Brien, who did he Marvel side of things, first at The Pulse and then at The Beat.

I think I’ve found a replacement for the DC charts—a new Jedi Knight handpicked by Marc-Oliver himself.

However, in an amazing twist of fate, Paul O’Brien is also moving on from the Marvel charts! Paul recently became a dad and, you know, life moves on too. I haven’t found a Marvel scribe yet, so if you are interested in looking at a lot of Excel charts, email me at comicsbeat at gmail.com.

Paul Mellerick will be staying on the indie charts to provide the stability we all crave.

I really can’t thank Paul and Marc-Oliver enough. We’ve followed them though Final Crises and Civil Wars, through variants, events and double shipping. This has been the most scrutinized and tumultuous decade in comics history, and the sales charts, as controversial as they have been at times, have provided a metric to see how things stacked up.

Paul will be around for another column or two, and DC may have a fill-in or two before the new guy comes around. The Old Order changeth.


  1. You should have Marc-Oliver write it under a pseudonym for a month, and see how many people respond about how great it is to gave a brighter point of view.

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