Want to buy some of the best comics art available anywhere and do a good deed, too?

Tom Spurgeon has details of artist Steve Rude’s efforts to raise money to prevent foreclosure on his house. Rude is running a bunch of auctions at bargain prices. Rude is a much-beloved comics creator who is among the premiere artists of his generation and this is no charity but the chance to own some iconic art that will only increase in value.

Tom has an update here. Comics Alliance has a gallery here.

We’ve just been the beneficiary of a lot of generosity from folks for the camera replacement fund set up by Jen Vaughn, but please, if you want to really help someone out of a hole, this is the place to go.


  1. A couple of weeks ago I purchased one of Steve Rude’s sketchbook & print package deals via his eBay listings. He was very fast at sending out the items even though I had requested that they be signed, and he also included a couple of postcards as bonus in the package. Good stuff!!!

  2. I don’t have a lot of money right now, so the pages are a bit out of my range, but I DID purchase one of his con sketchbooks last night after hearing of this. I hope a lot of us can do that. Personally, I know I owe him much more just from seeing his painting seminars at SDCC, and the entertainment I’ve gotten from his books over the years.

    If those of us with limited money could all just each by one or two low-priced items, I’m sure it would go a long way towards helping out!

  3. Apparently, the Phoenix area is specially designed for transplanted Madison residents to find love & then go broke. *sigh*

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted an original piece by The Dude, having been a fan of Nexus from practically Day One – but the timing could not suck more, which breaks my heart in more ways than one.

    I may not be able to afford any of Rude’s fine work right now – but I CAN help spread the word far & wide to others who can. For all the enjoyment that the man has given me over the years, I wish I could do more.