Dick Hyacinth asks in interesting question on how to buy small press comics:

I was looking over the Ignatz nominees, and was struck by how many were books which I’d wanted to read but haven’t been able to find. Does anyone know of a good site for ordering stuff from a bunch of different small press publishers (by which I mean non-Fantagraphics, D&Q, or NBM–I can get that stuff at my LCS), or am I just going to have to break down and order direct? I’m looking for stuff by the smaller publishers listed–I checked out khepri.com, but that seems to be mostly on the Brian Wood-Warren Ellis axis, which is really not what I’m looking for (that stuff is also available at my LCS).

We thought of Global Hobo and Bodega Distribution to start. There’s also USS Catastrophe but they are on hiatus. Anyone we’re missing?


  1. As per the advice of Sean Kleefield, I’m going to check with my local shop about ordering some of these titles through Diamond. I’m not holding my breath; we’ll see how they do with the Ignatz stuff I ordered last week.

    Thanks for passing along the request, Heidi.

  2. Try poopsheet foundation (poopsheet.ecrater.com) and Last Gasp’s online store. You can also ask your comic shop if they order through Cold Cut Distribution, it’s only availble to retailers but they carry tons of stuff that Diamond doesn’t. Also, partykausa.com is a great indie collective that distributes some great stuff (they aslo have an incredible links page). Hope this helps.

  3. I thought the point was “is there a one-stop shop” where one could buy ALL the nominated minis. The answer being likely “no.” I really don’t mean to sound like an ass since all the above are great places with great comics. I liked USS Catastrophe… R.I.P.

    Last I checked Khepri had sold out of the minis that Becky Cloonan had at San Diego… do they have them in stock again? I really wanted 5!

  4. No sort of one-stop distributor; it’s the nature of the beast, at this level. Oh, and something about every other smaller distributor having gone out of business lately, too Every site mentioned is a pretty reasonable second-best option.

    Chicago Comics and Quimbys, two great land-based retailers in Chicago, do internet sales and have pretty extensive selections so they might be good places to check (Quimbys in particular, which tends a bit more towards small press)


  5. Yes, none of these were one-stop shops, but that seems kind of unreasonable in retrospect. I’m mostly happy that I’ve got an incredible list of places to shop for hard-to-find comics online, which I greatly appreciate. Thanks to everyone for all the help, and I hope some other people in my circumstances will take note of your suggestions as well.

    My main question now: why isn’t anybody carrying The Blot? I thought it looked stunning from the moment I laid eyes on it, and I’m even more intrigued now that it’s been nominated for an Ignatz. We’ll see if Diamond has a few copies tucked away in some dusty corner of one of their warehouses.

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