Technically, it’s already aired, but bear with us.

Tonight on BBC4, the Jonathan Ross documentary about Steve Ditko finally debuts. (It’s on again at 12.50 AM, which is about 45 minutes from when this is being written).

* BBC4 Homepage for documentary

* Guardian article about the show

By the time many of you read this Monday morning, the special will probably be …. “available” … for viewing outside of Britain, if you know where to look. We’re a little surprised that it’s not up on YouTube already.

posted by Mark Coale


  1. I thought it was an excellent piece on a fascinating subject. The use of black and white Spider-Man artwork was a bold, or at least interesting decision. The interviews were entertaining and insightful. Jerry Robinson was a special treat: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before. I hope to see more of him on the Batman 2 DVD.

    I avoided spoilers like mad, and I’m going to preserve them here, but there were a couple of moments that had me right on the edge of my seat. As someone who will always hold Spider-Man dear – see the bottom of every internet message I’ve ever sent – Ross’ warm examination of the life and legend of the character’s errant parent is going to sit nicely alongside my other comicbook documentaries (all four of them. But they’re good’uns!).

    Of course…I went straight from Whither Ditko to Smallville. I may have stripped a gear.


  2. So, having not seen the documentary, what IS Ditko doing these days? What work is this 80 year old producing in an office building in NYC? Comics? Just curious.