A new auction that runs until tomorrow features some tasty comics art and benefits both The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization. You get some great art and help free speech AND cats? How is this not the win of the year?

Dynamic Forces has teamed with the auction house Comic Link for the auction.

“We’re grateful to see the incredible effort Nick Barrucci and Dynamite are putting in to make this first of its kind ComicLink auction create an impact for CBLDF’s work protecting comics! Our thanks go out to the many creators who are participating and the bidders whose contributions will ensure that we can continue to make a difference for the freedom to read comics” said Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

“I can’t thank all of the great creators enough for donating the art and helping to save, spay and neuter the animals, whether feral, stray, abused and/or injured, and allow them to live better lives” states Pam Ott of Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization. “Thanks to Josh Nathanson of Comic Link for hosting the auction, and I can’t thank Martha Donato from New Jersey Comic Expo enough for hosting the incredible art at her show.”

This incredible list of items includes the following:


John Cassaday donated Captain America: Fallen Son #5 pg.5 – CBLDF

John Cassaday donated Astonishing X-Men #12 pg.21 – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Cadence Art/Jenny Frison donated Vampirella #2 Cover and Line Art Illustation – sold as one item – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Paolo Rivera donated Batman Pin-Up – CBLDF

Adam Kubert donated Ultimate Fallout #1 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Greg Land donated Catwoman Illustration – CBLDF

Greg Land donated Spider-Man 2099 #4 Variant Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Joseph Michael Linsner donated Cry For Dawn Illustration- CBLDF

Joseph Michael Linsner donated Damsels #3 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Joseph Melchior donated Dave Gibbons Martha Washington #4 Page #21 – CBLDF

Ryan Sook donated World’s Finest #14 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Dan Schkade donated The Spirit Test Pin-Up – CBLDF

Ken Haeser donated Grumpy Cat #1 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Daniel Liester donated Army of Darkness #10 Cover – CBLDF

Daniel Liester donated Army of Darkness #11 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Matt Wagner donated Zorro #8 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Jim Starlin donated Dreadstar Illustration – CBLDF

David Mack donated Joker Illustration – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Albert Moy donated Shawn McManus Batman/Catwoman Commission – CBLDF

Albert Moy donated Dave Johnson Steel #34 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Romitaman donated Superboy #162 and #175 Pages – Saved Whiskers Rescue

The Artists Choice/David Williams donated Hulk and Power Pack #1 Page #15 – CBLDF

The Artists Choice/Kev Walker donated The Exiles #25 Page #8 – CBLDF

Jay Anacleto donated Blood Queen Vs. Dracula #1 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Walter Flanagan donated Cryptozoic Man #3 Cover – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Russ Braun donated The Boys #65 pg. – CBLDF

Big Wow!/Ray Lago donated Pussycats #0 Covers – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Tom Fleming of Fan Fare Art donated Curt Swan and Al Williamson Superman #416 – Saved Whiskers Rescue

Nostalgic Art donated Lee Elias Black Cat Comics #11 page #9 pg. – CBLDF

Ethan Van Sciver donated Sinestro #15 pg.3 – Saved Whiskers Rescue