Wouldn’t you know it, after we were sweating bullets about a month ago to cleanse our 98% full Gmail (resulting in a one day ban from using it due to excessive downloading) now they go and double storage space:

Gmail will increase the free storage gradually in the next days. On October 23, you’ll get 4321 MB of storage, then the growth will slow down until January 4, when you’ll have 6283 MB of storage. From January 4, you’ll receive 3.3 MB every day, that’s 10 times bigger than the current rate of growth.

Another good news is that Google Apps mail accounts will have the same quota as standard Gmail accounts, while Google Apps Premier Edition will have 25 GB mail accounts. Previously, Google Apps accounts had 2 GB of storage, while the business edition offered 10 GB per account.

Given all the previews we get from ******, *** *** and ********, that should last at least six months!