SoCal fires rampage.

Meanwhile, as the Colorado Rockies prepare to host the World Series, a couple of inches of snow fell on Coors field. Snow has never interrupted a game there, but then the Rockies have never been in the World Series before.


  1. My eyes are burning right now from the smoke. It’s everywhere. We’re all going about our stuff, but we’re all kind of worried, because the wind is blowing so hared that windows are bowing in. That and there’s dry brush all around us.

  2. I love Southern California and I love castles, but I gotta tell you when I drove my girls up to the beaches we used to laugh at that ugly castle on that Malibu hill. They’re young, kindergarten, but they knew. “Look, kids, it’s A CASTLE! MAYBE A PRINCESS LIVES UP THERE!”
    “Daddy, it’s a fake castle, can I have just ONE MORE gummy worm?”
    There may have been some nice antiques in there, who knows, but it’s not like they’d ever go someplace better than there in the Iranian oil baroness’s castle. Just as well they got burned up with the fake plaster lions and the $1,000,000 chandeliers.
    The tragedy is not Malibu it’s those cute mountain towns, Lake Arrowhead etc.
    “Hey girls, remember that cabin we went to in Big Bear? It’s in danger of burning.”
    “Will those fish burn?” No they’re in the water.
    “But what about the worms?”
    Yes, they will burn.

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