The trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army launches today at noon PST simultaneously over four Fox-owned websites:

The trailer will launch simultaneously across four of Fox Interactive Media sites, including MySpace (, IGN (, Rotten Tomatoes ( and AskMen ( and is set to premiere at 12 noon PST on Thursday, December 20.

We’ll have a link when it goes up.
And here it is.

And it looks kind of unbearably kickass.



  1. from McPaper:

    The director plans to bring some of that stark imagery to HB II, which will revolve around a world of elves, goblins and trolls forced out of the woods and into city sewers and tunnels because of urban sprawl.

    “This isn’t going to be Narnia-esque,” del Toro says. “It won’t be a golden world. It will be a very tarnished, underworld magic kingdom. These beings are outcasts. I’m drawn to those sort of lived-in worlds.”

  2. The action figures ought to be mighty cool! Walt Simonson’s Thor fans might wonder how Malekith ended up fighting Hellboy, tho… :)

  3. I’ve heard it asked elsewhere and not yet seen an answer: who’s the fourth member of the BPRD team we see, with the fishbowl head and old-timey diving suit? Is that a low-rent version of Roger? Lobster Johnson? Mysterio? (oops.)

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