1. Huh. I’d never considered Hawkeye or Union Jack. I assumed it would be Winter Soldier. That Brubaker fellow is a pain in my wallet… :(

  2. Probably Tony. Wouldn’t that coincide with the whole “end of Iron Man” rumors?

    Should be Winter Soldier but…

  3. Who’s the guy with the ill fitting red mask on? Is that supposed to be red skull? Ew.

    I hope this is actually a surpise. We’re all thinking Winter Soldier, but I think it could also be Hawkeye. But if it was Union Jack or USAgent, I’d probably tilt my head to one side in confusion, then crap myself.

  4. USAgent was a Cap at one time, so I don’t think it’s him. Brubaker’s a pain in my wallet but he hasn’t duplicated old storylines yet.

  5. I haven’t been able to read the last few months’ yet, but wasn’t it supposed to be the Punisher?

    Just bring back Steve Rogers already!!!

  6. I cant wait to find out who it is. Im really enjoying this series. Personally i now think it could be union jack. Why? Because Union Jack carries around a Knife/Dagger and i think a gun, which the New Captain America is sporting too. Then again i dont care if im right or wrong, im just looking forward to it!