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Frightening, isn’t it? And that’s in ENGLAND where they have GOOD music.


  1. We may have good music but when we do crap we leave you yanks in the dust. Don’t believe me, check out the “Cheeky Girls”. They make the Spice Girls look like “The Artic Monkeys”.

  2. Seen ’em all and Led Zeppelin remain rock’s greatest band. Sling all the sh%$ you like, the website for reunion tickets (for 75% of Zep mind you) received over a BILLION hits in less than a week, with 25 million attempting to register in one 24 hour period. Any way you slice it, that’s unprecedented drawing power. Without brilliant and enduring music nobody would care.

  3. Gimme a heads-up when you do a cover from that new Plant/Alison Krause CD…
    Amazing, Heidi.
    A phrase often said you, I’m sure.
    But still, amazing.

  4. If you’re referring to my comment about Led Zeppelin, Bobby, I didn’t make a qualitative assesment about them,…I merely inferred that I didn’t like ’em. On the other hand,…Starbucks is popular, that doesn’t, necessarily, make ’em good.

  5. XM Radio just started a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week all Led Zeppelin channel recently. I rocked out to it yesterday on the long drive back home from my parents’ house.