With Strangers in Paradise wrapped up, Terry Moore is not stopping:

Echo is the story of Julie Martin, a photographer taking pictures in the desert when she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s all I’m going to tell you about the plot at the moment. The Diamond solicitation coming out in January will reveal a bit more. Echo #1 will be in stores March 5th. It will be 24 pages, B&W like SiP. The first printing of issue one, and only the first printing, will feature a silver foil cover. Why? Because that’s not rain, or hail.

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  1. “The first printing of issue one, and only the first printing, will feature a silver foil cover. Why? Because that’s not rain, or hail”

    Not rain OR hail? Ummmm… is it Peter North then?

  2. I will be very interested in how this develops.
    We often hear the industry question, “how would (fill in the blank) do in today’s market?” As for the foil cover? Well, the market is chock-o-block full of competition, so it will stand out. But I’m thinking the retailers and readers who follow Moore will be more important than a shelf ‘talking’ shiny cover. As we’ve discovered it’s not the content that matters. It can be a great story, great PR, art and all that. The battle for hearts and wallets begins somewhere else. If the book isn’t ordered the foil cover will never be seen.

    Still, I say “why not?” Go for it. I wish Moore godspeed in this trade-waiting, Internet reading new industry. I love that he has faith in the single-issue format. We need more Terry Moores! We need them now!

  3. As someone who doesn’t buy single issues any more, I’m surprised he’s not going straight to trade with this new project. Love and Rockets is, and I imagine both titles have similar audiences: small but devoted.

  4. Kudos to Terry Moore for giving us something new from him in a periodical format. This move gives readers a more affordable way to give Terry’s new series a try…and it also supports direct market retailers, where most periodicals are sold.

    In my experience, most readers still want to sample titles rather than take the bigger $$ plunge that OGNs represent . The sampling of periodicals often lasts for a good number of issues before some readers choose to migrate to buying trades. And it’s true that many readers simply don’t want to wait for the trade. Hurray for them!

    As a reader and a retailer, I’m eagerly looking forward to Terry Moore’s ECHO.

    Joe Field
    Flying Colors Comics
    Concord CA

  5. A GN from Terry might be interesting, but he knows where his fan base lies. Lots of companies like the talk of GN’s, but the fact is, most comic writers and artists do not develop their skills that way. Most come from the serial format, starting from the past of strip comics. I just want to see if he can create another, heavily female perspective comic, that is unlike SiP, but has it’s own interesting qualities.

  6. having picked this up yesterday, and for the benefit of anyone else who hits on this on Google (as I did), I’m just going to say the first two issues are fantastic, and I’m interested to find out what happens next