Heavy Metal has formally announced that they have moved to Simon & Schuster for book distribution. It is the latest announced defection from Diamond Books.

Heavy Metal Simon & Schuster

heavy metal simon & schuster

According to Heavy Metal’s press release, dated today, the deal came into effect on February 1, 2021.

Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney had this to say about the move:

“Simon & Schuster is the gold standard in the book business. As we forge ahead with our ambitious content plans, we know it’s only achievable with the right mix of partners. The folks at Simon & Schuster acknowledge and appreciate the legacy and value of the Heavy Metal brand, and they are the ideal shepherds for us as we continue to expand into books.”

The publisher had previously partnered with Simon & Schuster on the 1979 Alien graphic novel adaptation The Illustrated Story by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson.

Simon & Schuster Publisher Services Vice President and General Manager Michael Perlman had this to add on the move: “We are delighted to welcome Heavy Metal to the Simon & Schuster family of Distribution Clients. We look forward to helping them expand their presence in the market, and providing them with the best support possible to help them grow their business.”

And Heavy Metal Publisher and CCO David Erwin chimes in some more praise: “We are thrilled to partner with another legendary company. Together with Simon & Schuster we will expand our reach in delivering what fans have come to expect from us, exciting fiction with the world’s greatest illustrations.”

This news comes barely a day after AHOY announced their own move to Simon & Schuster for distribution into the traditional and online book market.

The list of comics publishers with Simon & Schuster now includes AHOY Comics, AWA Studios, Behemoth, BOOM! Studios, Humanoids, Insight, Legendary, Oni Press, Red 5 Comics, Scout Comics, Source Point Press, Vault Comics, VIZ Media, Z2 Comics….and Heavy Metal.

Who’s next? And why Simon & Schuster?


  1. “And why Simon & Schuster?”

    Another factor to maybe think about is this: Simon & Schuster is in the process of being sold to Penguin Random House, already the largest English language publishing company.

    If that sale goes through and if the company combines its distribution services (both kinda big “ifs”), then maybe the combined company will see the publishers that Simon & Schuster distributes handled alongside those that Penguin Random House distributes–which at present includes graphic novel publishers like DC Comics, Dark Horse, Kodansha, Archie Comics, and IDW.

    It’s a groovy time…

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