When last we saw young Eva in the English translation of Maria Llovet‘s Heartbeat, published by BOOM! Studios, her hellscape took on a new dimension when she witnessed a murder. Before Heartbeat #2 hits shelves in December, The Beat has an exclusive first look at the fallout from the killing, not just for Eva, but for everyone at her school.

This dark, twisted, fantastical high school story tackles serious issues like bullying through a decidedly macabre lens. Eva, who is tormented for being poor and “classless,” can’t help but have a crush on Donatien, the most popular boy in school. Her feelings don’t even change when she realizes he enjoys the taste of blood; in fact, Donatien committing murder may actually make her more attracted to him. Vengeance makes the heart grow fonder (or something).

Heartbeat #2 hits shelves Dec. 18, 2019 at your local comic shop. Final order cut-off is today, Monday, Nov. 25, using Diamond Code OCT191415. If you like the five-page preview below and want to know more, pick up a copy if issue #1 today and be sure to pre-order issue #2.

Heartbeat #2

Writer/Artist: Maria Llovet
Letterer: Andworld Design
Translator: Andrea Rosenberg
Cover: Maria Llovet
Variant Cover: Paulina Ganucheau

After witnessing a murder, Eva now possesses a terrible secret-Donatien, the most popular boy in school enjoys the taste of blood…and is willing to kill for it. Eva knows she should turn him in but can’t help her attraction to Donatien. Even though she knows he is a murderer — or perhaps because of it — Eva wants him.

Heartbeat #2 exclusive preview Heartbeat #2 exclusive preview Heartbeat #2 exclusive preview Heartbeat #2 exclusive preview Heartbeat #2 exclusive preview