Go for an “anxious adventure into sci-fi self-discovery” with Maybe Tomorrow. The first issue of the upcoming four-issue series by Max Wood and Daniel Caval, with lettering by Andworld Design, is scheduled for arrival at your Local Comic Shop (LCS) on March 13th, 2024.

However, you can get your first look inside the first issue today, right here at Comics Beat! Scroll down below the article to check it out, and be sure and let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section.

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow cover

Here’s the official description of the series:

“Max Wood and Daniel Caval deliver a lighthearted, emotional story about two sweet weirdos at the end of the world. Lunar nepo-babies, glitchy simulations of video rental shops, and inner torment collide.

“Created by newcomers Max Wood and Daniel Caval, “Maybe Tomorrow” offers a fresh perspective on dystopian sci-fi – exploring personal change amid cosmic chaos and brightly colored art.

“In Maybe Tomorrow, Earth’s impending doom serves as a stage for the journeys of Taos and Azalea. “I’ve been working through some big personal issues lately, leading me to think a lot about our capacity for change,” Wood reveals.

“The narrative balances a whimsical sci-fi setting with the raw complexity of human emotions. “I love stories that don’t take themselves too seriously,” Wood says, “reflecting the real world’s mix of goofiness, intensity, mystery, and weirdness.”

“Daniel Caval’s art captures that mix perfectly – blending clean retrofuturism, beautiful landscapes, and occasional horror.”

Arriving in March

You can take a look at the preview pages from Maybe Tomorrow #1 below this article.

What do you think of the preview pages? Will you be picking up the series when it arrives at your LCS and/or public library in March 2024? The Beat is waiting to hear from you! Be sure and give us a shout-out in the comment section.

Maybe Tomorrow preview

Maybe Tomorrow preview

Maybe Tomorrow preview

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