SPLASH PAGE has some idle talk from Patrick “Night Owl” Wilson about his contractual obligation to sign for a sequel which everyone knows is looney, but then that’s why they call it an obligation:

“Even the guys from ‘300’ might have had a sequel,” said Wilson. “It’s the most ridiculous option. It’s sort of a financial way to protect the studio, and I would do the same thing.”

But could “Watchmen” ever have a sequel — and furthermore, would he want to be in it?

“Certainly, artistically, I can’t fathom how it would happen,” said Wilson. “But hey, if Alan Moore writes it, I’d love to read it.”

The piece ends with the small exhortation:

What do YOU think, readers? Is there any way a story like “Watchmen” could (or should) receive a sequel?

Come on, now — we say, in words of one syllable: GET A GRIP!


  1. There’s actually a script in the works, but the writers are having a hard time getting the new character’s narration to work:

    Free Association’s journal. October 12th, 1986. Dog rover over easy McDLT. Tire wheel turn spin top stop sign revelation apocalypse Reagan. The streets cars driving fore toward unto three blind deaf music Janet Jackson.

  2. I can’t say for the film version, but off the top of my head there are several threads in the comic that could be continued into interesting stories:

    1) Moore’s ending implies the publication of Rorschach’s journal which undoes all of the “unify the world work”

    2) Ozy on the run from angry government that seeks retribution after his scheme was revealed.

    3) Dr. Manhattan creating an alien race that then comes to earth (time-travel maybe?)

    4) Rorschach was zapped by Manhattan, but we never see a body. “He won’t be a problem” or something was all we hear of his fate. Perhaps he was teleported to another place with a memory wipe? Or perhaps placed into a new body and he gradually re-discovers his memory.

    Mr. Moore, let’s get on it! ;)

  3. Instead of a sequel, what about a prequel focusing on the Minutemen? Or there’s always the plot from the Mayfair Games’ RPG module WATCHMEN: TAKING OUT THE TRASH:

    The place is New York City, the time is the eve of the 1968 Republican Convention. Here they choose the man who will win the election.

    Three canidates have their sights set on the nomination. One aims to open the White House doors to the nation’s criminal refuse. Another is a target for assassination.

    Can the Watchmen hunt down the villains, or will garbage rule the world’s greatest nation?

  4. “Certainly, artistically, I can’t fathom how it would happen,” said Wilson. “But hey, if Alan Moore writes it, I’d love to read it.”

    Yup, he’s working on the sequel right as soon as he finishes the other half of the Killing Joke with Batman telling the Joker his favorite joke and searching for Jim Gordon’s clothes.

  5. I’d love to see a Minutemen movie with a contrasting B-story about the 1960s heroes just prior to the first/sole meeting of the Crimebusters.

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