Back at Toy Fair ’18 HasLab, Hasbro’s crowdfunding platform brings dream products into the hands of fans, unveiled its first campaign, Jabba’s Sail Barge. It was successfully fully funded just like all subsequent HasLab campaigns. Perfectly timed with the release of The Mandalorian Season 2 premiere, the latest HasLab campaign, Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest, has unsurprisingly been another success.

In fact, after 13,000 backers the HasLab Razor Crest campaign has just introduced their Tier 4 and Tier 5 unlocks – a display stand and a Star Wars: The Vintage Collection 3.75-inch Offworld Jawa Elder Figure. If the campaign successfully reaches 15,000 backers, all customers will receive a clear display stand that makes it look like the ship is mid-flight; if it reaches 17,000 backers, the item will also come with The Vintage Collection figure.

The campaign ends at 11:59 PM EST on 11.09.2020 so if you want to become a backer and get your hands on The Vintage Collection Razor Crest click here.


With the ongoing success and buzz around the Hasbro Pulse HasLab campaigns, HasLab is back with another exciting new creation – the HasLab Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest. Beginning Friday, 9/25 collectors can pre-order and back the HasLab Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest for $349.99. (Price in US/CAN through Price may differ internationally.)

If this campaign is backed with a minimum 6,000 backers by November 9, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST, the HasLab Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest will go into production! To support this campaign go to the HasLab tab on

The Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest will be one of the largest The Vintage Collection vehicles ever produced by Hasbro coming in at 30 inches long (with the main cannons), 20 inches wide, and 10.5 inches tall (when sitting on the landing gear). Backers of this HasLab will also receive a Star Wars: The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch The Mandalorian Figure in Beskar armor with a one-of-a-kind soft goods cape. In addition, to keep with the principles of The Vintage Collection, there are plenty of highly detailed features including:

  • The cockpit opens to reveal a fully detailed interior with three seats that fit Vintage Collection figures
  • Detachable engines and removeable hull panels to recreate the season 1 scenes of the Jawas breaking down the ship for scrap
  • A weapons locker with included, removeable, show-inspired weapons accessories
  • A carbon freezing chamber and cargo hold with cargo netting
  • Opening rear and side doors and lowering ramps
  • Removeable landing gear
  • Bunk area with space for a figure to hide


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