In a story that definitely could have some ripples in the comics world, The Hollywood Reporter announced last week that Hasbro spent $522M on intellectual property from Sabin Properties.  The primary IP in the deal being Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but also including My Pet Monster, Popples, Julius Jr., Luna Petunia, and Treehouse Detectives, among others.

This deal is yet another in a larger media consolidation trend.  Hasbro hasn’t exactly been shy about adding to it’s IP vault and expanding it’s production slate, either.  (Rom is currently in development for a feature film.)

From the comics angle, the Power Rangers comics are a legitimately hot property right now.  The current “Shattered Grid” storyline BOOM! is running has been doing some very good numbers.  While the acquisition is set to close sometime in Q2, we’ll want to keep on eye on whether the change in corporate ownership produces any changes in licensing, since Hasbro has been licensing comics rights to IDW in recent years.


  1. Wish I knew they were open to offers in that range. I’d have gone up to $550, especially with the Popples included…

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