I’ve just been looking through the DC solicitations for November, but suddenly stopped in awe as I came across Harley Quinn #0. The first issue of Amanda Conner/Jimmy Palmiotti’s run with the character, issue #0 will be drawn by…


Darwyn Cooke, Sam Kieth, Paul Pope, Walt Simonson, Tony Daniel, and Art Baltazar!

Well, that’s certainly a slightly exciting line-up! The solicitation also says that other artists will be involved as well.

When the book was first announced, it was initially thought that Amanda Conner would be drawing the series as well as co-writing – now it looks like we have one more month to wait until the artist is announced. Stephanie Roux will be providing a variant cover, alongside Conner’s cover above.

When I told Heidi about the all-star line-up of artists, she merely said “what did you expect from the first couple of comics?”


  1. oddly, this would’ve been a great book for kevin maguire…character driven comedy and emtional action…oh well

  2. So no Batman in Sept except for a load of overpriced spin off gimmicky cover books.
    October double sized $7 issue
    Nov $5 issue due to gimmicky cover
    Dec 8 page backup dropped.
    Talk about fleecing your customers. Looks like Aug is the last time I’ll be buying Batman.

  3. I smell pin-ups. Don’t be surprised if the actual story is drawn by two of DC’s rotating pencillers and a platoon of inkers.

  4. Amanda and I have been a couple for 17 years…lol. We tied the knot last week. I think the real first couple of comics was Joe Kubert and Murial Kubert. they met while working on 3-d comics together. I also think the Simonsons fit the bill the best. All of them my heroes.

    Anyway, the book is a story…not pin-ups. The guests are all there for a reason, and we have some amazing ones not listed yet. It was never said once that Amanda was ever going to draw the book. We are writing it together and Amanda will be Providing covers each issue. Hope that clears up some stuff.
    The monthly artist will be announced soon…we had a lot of choosing to do , but both Amanda and I are super specific in what we were looking for.

  5. It was announced at SDCC that the first issue would be a whole bunch of artists doing a page each. Harley will break the 4th wall and comment on the art. You are quite late to the party with this “news”.

  6. @Jimmy Palmotti
    It’s good to hear that the art will be panel-to-panel storytelling and not just pinups. Also good to hear that you’ve found an artist you’re excited about. And sorry to indulge in the knee-jerk cynicism…

  7. Definitely excited with all that talent involved. I wonder how the story will reflect the art changes, and whether it was written with so many artists in mind.

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