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Happy! an Image series by Grant Morrison and Darrick Robertson has been given a
a pilot order at SyFy, as the relentless march of comics into primetime television continues.

The series concerns a hardboiled hitman who questions his life after he meets a small, imaginary flying blue horse named Happy. See the first link for a detailed review by Laura Sneddon.

The pilot will be directed by Brian Taylor with Neal Mortiz, Pavun Shetty, and Toby Jaffe on board as executive produce. While a pilot order doesn’t mean that a series will be made, it’s a step further along the road to reality than the nebulous “option” that almost every comic gets.

Morrison’s been dabbling in showbiz for a while now, but it looks like some things are coming to fruition after long last. His passion project Sinatoro is being developed as a TV show, We3 has been in and out of development, and he’s writing an  adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New, also with Brian Taylor attached as executive producer and also for SyFY.



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