1. Why don’t you get somebody’s grandma instead?

    Of course the real Rand probably would have found many of Ditko’s protagonists too “altruistic”.

  2. Hats off to the BBC, Jonathan Ross, et. al for the lovely and well-produced Ditko tribute. However, if one has seen the piece in its entirety one will have witnessed towards its conclusion an ugly attempt by Ross and Mr. Neil Gaiman to conduct a guerilla, Michael Moore-esque raid of Ditko’s NYC office to film him on camera. Denied of course.

    I’m sure neither Ross nor Gaiman would appreciate such treatment from one of their fans. In fact, I’m sure they’d have the cops on such a fan’s ass in a heartbeat.

  3. Factoid: Paul Gambaccini is a well-known broadcaster in the UK…but his greatest achievement is coining the term “Brand Eccch” (in one of his many fan letters to Marvel in the early 1960s).